Getting Amazing

Are you ready to lead your people as they do amazing, startling, wonderful things? Are you ready for them to WOW you as they achieve awesome results?

My hope is that you will discover the joy of leading others as they accomplish goals that others thought were impossible. Your transformation begins today.

The book “Getting amazing things done” is available here or on Amazon and through other major retailers worldwide in softcover. This book is your MUST READ for real change right now.

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about the author and book

Henry Lewis traveled the world for ten years with IBM conducting classes and workshops to project managers and leaders. In his years as principal of a software development consulting firm and an executive project manager with IBM, he led numerous successful engagements across many industries. His expertise in handling troubled projects helped otherwise failing projects, pull back from the brink, and finish with extraordinary results. Henry will tell you the teams were amazing.

Henry has consulted in project management and leadership, working with companies and their people to achieve amazing outcomes. He thrives on helping others find their voice as leaders, as they reach high and lead others to stunning solutions.

Henry lives in the Minneapolis area where he writes, works, plays, and purposes to help others lead with contagious joy believing for amazing, startling, and wonderful things.

This book was borne out of a desire to inspire others to lead with passion and commitment to the mission and the people. There is a pure joy in leading others well. This book attempts to guide us as we lead others to accomplish amazing, startling, and wonderful things.

what people are saying

From all over the world people are excited about the book!

“Henry shares his decades long experience as a project manager and teacher. He points out leadership principles that are mandatory to getting things done and that result in amazing projects. For new and seasoned project managers this book is a good source to understand what works and why and to see practical examples of the main project management artifacts. Henry highlights the impact of honesty, transparency authenticity and care to build trust within the project team and with other stakeholders and to inspire them to be exceptional. Involving the team in all project decisions is a prerequisite for winning their hearts and achieve extraordinary outcomes. ‘Lead with grace and you will be rewarded beyond measure.’” 

Thomas Walenta, PgMP, PMP, PMI Fellow – Germany

“Written in a friendly and engaging style, this book provides a good introduction to structured project management.   Running alongside the practical guidance is the book’s central theme, an important call to action for project managers to see themselves as leaders rather than administrators of the project process.  It is here in particular that Henry’s experience and passion comes through with a challenge to think about what sort of leader we want to be, and how we can improve our project outcomes though more collaborative engagement with our project teams.”

Michael Coleman, PM Learning Program Manager, IBM – United Kingdom

“Far from merely a how-to manual, “Getting Amazing Things Done” equips the aspiring Project Manager with every needed tool and then challenges her to remember the true key to success; the Team.  How many leaders heap up knowledge but fail to inspire their people!  Henry Lewis brings the human side of Project Management into focus in this important book and if you lead projects you need to read it now.” 

Jamin Dick-PMP and former SVP Global Supply Chain at Pitney Bowes – US, New York

“For everyone involved with projects, teams, and leadership. Read and keep this book close to your hands. You will need it. If you are experienced or just starting out. If you are a senior executive, take this book. For leaders regardless whether you lead a project or any kind of organization. Henry successfully creates an atmosphere of mentoring and teaching as he shares his life experience. I will use this book for sure in my futures workshops of leading and project management.”   

Tadeu Veiga, PMP, Management and Professional Development Consultant at TadeuV8 – Brazil

“Despite a lack of formal project management training, I found Getting Amazing Things Done to be an extremely helpful and approachable introduction to both project management leadership and tactics.” 

Raymond Price, Vice President of Business Development, DiscoverX Corporation – US, California

“This book is truly amazing and fascinating to read again and again. A best read for all to understand project management concepts in mind boggling way….” 

Padmanaban Venkataramanan, PMP, Leader – Project Management Curriculum – IBM India Pvt Limited (Retired) – India

” Lewis’ communicates the basics of project management in a way that will help all professionals – not just project managers – lead their organizations to greater success. However, what sets this work apart from other popular and technical books on the topic is Lewis’ eye towards leadership and care of the people that are critical to and impacted by an important initiative. “Getting Amazing Things Done” not just equips but inspires.” 

Ben Cox, Senior Director, Product Commercialization and Operations at Viewpoint Construction Software – US, Oregon
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