Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven – Book Release

I am very happy to announce the release of my new book “Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven – Confessions of a Trail Runner, available now on Amazon and worldwide. Whether you are a trail runner, a hiker, or just love walking in the woods; if you love the wonder of creation and the beauty of the outdoors; if you love finding the fingerprints of God in the most delicate blossom in spring or the majesty of the mountains, you will enjoy this book.

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I’m hoping you’ll buy a copy and then go find a new trail.

If you love the outdoors and trails and nature, if these lead you to think about deeper things, then this read is for you.

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Here is one small excerpt. “Sometimes when I run I discover a new world, an enchanted place for dreaming, where my imagination drifts high into the heavens and seems to brush the divine. Almost as an afterthought, I skirt the edges of eternity, and run past a thousand, sacred moments in my pursuit of lesser things.”

Author: henryalewis

Henry Lewis lives in the Minneapolis area with his lovely wife where he writes and plays, and dreams of trails. He is just beginning to share his writing with others. His first published book, "Getting Amazing Things Done", shares his lifetime of insights on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Henry's newest book, "Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven", are his Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures his twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. He takes us along the trails as he travels the world.

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