The Nature of Our Sacrifice

Every hour we must challenge ourselves by asking- what are we sacrificing and what or who are we serving? In our hearts we find the thing that drives us. Great leaders lay down their lives in the interest of others for purposes far greater than themselves. Other leaders serve lesser gods.

How do you lead others? Here are my thoughts –
What do you think about when you’re on the trails? Here’s my take –
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Author: henryalewis

Henry Lewis lives in the Minneapolis area with his lovely wife where he writes and plays, and dreams of trails. He is just beginning to share his writing with others. His first published book, "Getting Amazing Things Done", shares his lifetime of insights on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Henry's newest book, "Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven", are his Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures his twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. He takes us along the trails as he travels the world.

One thought on “The Nature of Our Sacrifice”

  1. I am not sure how or if our personal drives and desires merge with sacrifices of serving others. Perhaps they do, or perhaps not. Best I can figure is we look out from within ourselves, often self-referencing the things we perceive around us. We reconcile these things. This body? It plods about its everyday cycle of existence. It does what is does. It is mostly a creature of habit. It experiences, but I think, even this experiencing is but self-reference interactions with all around it. That said, along the way comes a serendipitous happenstance of and unexpected something! But there is no ‘chance’ I say. So, I see a miracle. Miracles, they are not self-referencing. Miracles are God’s hand reaching into my world to say “I am with you.”

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