The Turn of Things

It is October and an autumn crisp is upon us all. I feel a frigid chill.

The woodlands know how to wait quietly and endure, to take the seasons as they are. I should be so patient with the turn of things. I need to listen more for they are speaking.

I continue to write very early most mornings. It never stops for it is the turn of things with me, this writing of poems and stories, this quiet revealing of my inner world. And I wait for these scribbles to each find their season in the turn of things, their place to show blossom and bear fruit. Yes, all in their time.

My story “Kurpa” was published this June in Jerry Jazz Musician. It is based on a story my mother used to tell us of her early life. Think 1943 and the Second World War. Give it a read if you like.

I have something special for those interested in things divine. My Substack “A Curious Light” was launched on October 1. These essays are devoted to my thoughts on Scripture, on life with God and things eternal with an occasional poem thrown in for good measure. My plan is for twice monthly releases. Please give it a taste, it is free, and consider becoming a regular reader/subscriber.

Well, it is back to my writer’s studio. I feel a creative wind and words are filling my head once again, so I guess it is time. Life is an ever turning, and thank you for being part of the journey and the wonder of it all.

Author: henryalewis

Henry Lewis lives in the Minneapolis area with his lovely wife where he writes and plays, and dreams of trails. He is just beginning to share his writing with others. His first published book, "Getting Amazing Things Done", shares his lifetime of insights on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Henry's newest book, "Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven", are his Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures his twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. He takes us along the trails as he travels the world.


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