Solitude and the Long Distance Runner

“Solitude is necessary to the long distance runner. Through many hours, the runner moves along the trail, through the breezes or the stillness of the day. Over the miles, through the quiet, he paces forward accompanied only by his reflections. This is the stuff of distance running: to be alone….”

“Yes, solitude is woven into the life of the long distance runner. But for me this solitude is entwined with my passion for God, my love of Him, and the things He loves. When I run, I usually enjoy a solitude, a quietness. My own restlessness and longings to run are often signals to me that I need to draw near to Him for a quiet season. The long run offers me an extended solitude with God; time to reflect and allow Him to put things in perspective, to listen, to love more deeply than yesterday, to run with steady heart and resolve, to set discomforts aside and reach for His fellowship, digging deep and learning once again to wait on Him, just to wait on Him. Solitude with God on the long run gives me time to be truly alone with Him. I need this time. I need His fellowship.”

From Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven, Henry Lewis


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The Unknown Journey

Each step in our journey, each mile along the trails, with every moment’s passing we move into the wide and beautiful unknown. Yes, we run through a thousand mysteries overcome with wonder. And sometimes we pause to try and comprehend the meaning of it all. Here the Maker of All Things moves us to gaze breathless beneath the myriad stars, and we begin to trace His brushstrokes and see his hand. He is the artist and we behold His beauty.

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The Wild Becomes More Beautiful

I met someone the other day who is reading my book Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven – Confessions of a Trail Runner. I asked her what she thought. She said it was very calming and restful, and that she liked to read it before bed. My hope is that the trails you run or hike and all the time you spend in the wild will become more deeply beautiful. I would love to hear your stories. Pickup your copy today on Amazon.

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A Little Piece of Heaven

Purgatory Park – Minnetonka, Minnesota

“God is found, in part, in our hearts. Our hearts reflect a love of the pure and holy, or they reflect baser values. Our hearts reach heavenward, or they are satisfied with lesser treasure. And it is here that we find a little piece of heaven. These slices of paradise are reflected in the way we see the woodlands, the way we hear the sounds of the wild, and th e way we smell the fresh, bracing wind; whether our hearts rise up in praise as we are assaulted by these wonders, or whether we simply attribute them to some chance event long ago. Oh, there is no chance!

There is a God in heaven, and He’s pressing in on our hearts as we wander the trails and forests. He is touching our hearts and giving us a little piece of heaven if we are willing to receive it.

Today was a good day of running on the trails. I hope you were able to find your little piece of heaven. It is just there for the taking. Reach out.”

Excerpt from Laughter Near the Edge of HeavenConfessions of a Trail runner

The Nature of Our Sacrifice

Every hour we must challenge ourselves by asking- what are we sacrificing and what or who are we serving? In our hearts we find the thing that drives us. Great leaders lay down their lives in the interest of others for purposes far greater than themselves. Other leaders serve lesser gods.

How do you lead others? Here are my thoughts –
What do you think about when you’re on the trails? Here’s my take –
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When We Say that God is Faithful

“When we say that God is faithful, we are saying one of the deeply true things of this world. The next time we think of this or speak these words, we need to linger over the words and let them sink into our hearts as certain, healing balm. God honors His promises without fail. God honors His Word always. Today I read:

‘Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.’ [Joshua 21:45]

It is from His faithfulness that I awoke today. And it is from His faithfulness that I run. Our lives are lived and our goals are pursued based in His faithfulness. There is hope. I went out yesterday to run in Parque Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was a sunny, beautiful Sunday….”

from Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven, Henry Lewis

What Kind of Leader?

“What kind of leader will you be? Do you want to open windows of possibilities to your teams? Do you want to nurture others as they reach for their full potential? Do you want them to achieve amazing, startling, wonderful things, or just the same old, boring results?

If I know you, you want amazing. Good for you. If so, then you must purpose to serve them. You must set your mind to inspire and uplift every day in a thousand small ways. You must speak true, stay focused on the mission, and truly care about your people. And you must tell them these things with your words and actions every day. You are the leader.” Henry Lewis

Getting Amazing Things Done
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Choose to Inspire

Whether you are running a trail, walking in the woods, or leading a team, there are only two ways to influence others. Choose to inspire others.

“Sometimes when I run I discover a new world, an enchanted place for dreaming, where my imagination drifts high into the heavens and seems to brush the divine. Almost as an afterthought, I skirt the edges of eternity, and run past a thousand, sacred moments in my pursuit of lesser things.”

Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven – Confessions of a Trail Runner, available on Amazon and worldwide.

Getting Amazing Things Done – What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things, available on Amazon and worldwide.

It’s time to do startling, amazing, wonderful things! Run a new trail or learn to lead others with deep passion. It’s your time to make a difference and become what you’ve always wanted to be. Either of my books may be your perfect roadmap.

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Say ‘I Love You’ Every Day

It is Mother’s Day 2019. Today is marked by me and my children reaching out to my wife to express our deep love and affections. To express in some small way how much we love our mothers – their sacrifices, their efforts over the years to guide and nurture us. It is always beautiful to see.

My mother passed away many years ago. I can no longer tell her those things. May I encourage you to say ‘I Love You’ every day. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Today is your day to speak words of love.

Let me share a poem I wrote when my mother died in April 1998.

Again I would say to you, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Today is your day to speak words of love.

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