Heaven by a String

When my oldest son was almost four I wrote the following poem. It was April of 1989. It was a beautiful day. Here’s the poem.

Heaven by a String

The boy had a hold of heaven by a string,
and the kite was on the end of it.

And his joy could not be measured
by the laughter of his voice on the wind,
on the hilltop, far above the earth.

And he was happy;

so happy that he could not tell you.
For today he reached with all his heart
into the air and held the wind in his hands.

And his face was shining;

as he tugged at the string,
and the fragile thing climbed higher
into the wide, blue dream of a laughing heaven.

April 26, 1989
Henry Lewis

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Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven – Book Release

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Here is one small excerpt. “Sometimes when I run I discover a new world, an enchanted place for dreaming, where my imagination drifts high into the heavens and seems to brush the divine. Almost as an afterthought, I skirt the edges of eternity, and run past a thousand, sacred moments in my pursuit of lesser things.”

The Calling of a Far Country

“This calling of the far country, this song on the wind as our hearts pick up the melodies of heaven – this is what calls us to the trails we run. Whether we set out today to follow a forest path and measure out our steps in hours and miles, or whether our steps involve a thousand small words and uncounted quiet smiles to encourage others on the way, these are most certainly trails traced out by the finger of God.” Henry Lewis

The Journey Begins

OK, brief introductions… My name is Henry Lewis and I am a writer.

I live in the Minneapolis area with my lovely wife where I  write and work and play and, yeah, I dream of trails. Sometimes I gaze wonder struck at the wink of a rising sun or stand entranced beneath the dancing northern lights across a night sky. My lifetime of writing include essays, poetry, and works of nonfiction and fiction. I am just beginning to share my writing with others. I invite you to come along.

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

For years I led mission-critical, troubled projects to achieve outstanding results, and traveled the world with IBM conducting classes and workshops to project managers and leaders. It was a great honor and a privilege to help others learn to lead with contagious joy – believing for amazing, startling, and wonderful things. This led to my first published book, “Getting Amazing Things Done” . In the book I share my lifetime of insights as a small business owner and project executive on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. This book helps struggling or aspiring leaders and project managers achieve truly remarkable outcomes. If this is interesting to you, please check out my GettingAmazing website devoted to the book and its ideas.

But my own interests are much broader…

My newest book, “Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven,” is my Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures my twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. I take you along the trails near my home and as I travel the world. Yes, there are divine truths along every trail and in every encounter. Do we see the hand of God in the quaking aspen leaf? Here is a little tease from the upcoming release in several weeks.

“These trails are pathways to the heart, trails to truer things. They let us dance and weave along eternity’s glimmering edge. We play in this timeless majesty. We hear the sounds of heaven in small gurgling brooks, catching the fragrance of his glory in the ancient aroma of the woodlands, and feeling the wing of an angel on the edge of a passing breeze. Here we hear the voice of God as He whispers to our hearts, for we have seen Him painting a canvas with every trail we have ever run.” Henry Lewis

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