The Nature of Our Trails

Northshore, Minnesota USA

You will run today. Your thoughts will drift along a thousand rivulets, your eyes wide as you gaze across an infinity in your mind. You like the solitude the run affords. You find a comfort in your thoughts along the trails. Do we see as we ought to see? Do we smell for deep forest and feel the wind against our skin? Are the dirt and rocks a mere signature left for us beneath this wide heaven? You wonder and you are overwhelmed. It cannot be measured. It is all so beautiful. So simple, yet profound.

“Sometimes our trails are made of dirt and rocks and brush and roots and cause our hearts to leap skyward in praise and worship. And sometimes our trails are woven through a string of days and through the hearts and lives of others, and leave our spirits trembling on the rim of eternity as we watch Him touch those lives through our frail words. The trails that God lays are trails laden with the fragrance of His glory, and they lead indelibly into His purposes – far above the ways of men and the pursuits of this earth. Along the trails that God prepares we walk and run into the divine unknown; a place where the Lord rules in sovereign wonder. We plan our days, yet in the end it is the Lord over it all . In this place of wonders, I find continued solace in His faithfulness, above the passing struggles of each day…. But then there was India and the trail it provided me.”

From Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven, Henry Lewis

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Author: henryalewis

Henry Lewis lives in the Minneapolis area with his lovely wife where he writes and plays, and dreams of trails. He is just beginning to share his writing with others. His first published book, "Getting Amazing Things Done", shares his lifetime of insights on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Henry's newest book, "Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven", are his Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures his twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. He takes us along the trails as he travels the world.

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