Knife Edge of Winter

Out on the trails for a short run. I could feel the knife edge of winter in the air. Blustery and cold. There is a change to each person, a drawing into ourselves. We sense it at this time of year and prepare for winter. We remember dead frigid chill-bone runs and dangerous glare ice. Yes, the blast cold will come. It is always so. But for now we will have taken refuge within ourselves. We prepare our hearts. The winter will teach us new things. Yes, today I could feel the knife edge of winter. But just the edge. The trail goes on.

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Author: henryalewis

Henry Lewis lives in the Minneapolis area with his lovely wife where he writes and plays, and dreams of trails. He is just beginning to share his writing with others. His first published book, "Getting Amazing Things Done", shares his lifetime of insights on What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Henry's newest book, "Laughter Near the Edge of Heaven", are his Confessions of a Trail Runner. This work captures his twin passions of trail running and unpacking the things of God in the natural world. He takes us along the trails as he travels the world.

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